About us

The Origins of Selected Skin Care

The idea for Selected Skin Care came from our own skin care concerns and those of our friends and families. We were continuously searching for products to combat the effects of environment and age, and also the cumulated effects of using synthetic and chemical materials on our skin. So we decided to select our ingredients from nature.

Why Choose Selected Skin Care?

At Selected Skin Care, we are committed to bringing you high quality products. It is our hope that they provide an enjoyable experience when you use them. You deserve the benefits. You deserve the luxury. You deserve Selected Skin Care.

Our Philosophy and Mission

At Selected Skin Care, we believe that beauty and skin care products should not only make you look good, but should be good FOR you, as well. High quality skin care products must contain high quality ingredients. That is why we made it our mission to infuse our products with bioactive plant and nourishing botanicals. We believe in these ingredients because of their reparative and restorative benefits for your skin, and also for the luxury of using products made with the world’s most sought after botanicals.